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All inspections include 32 years of contractor experience and knowledge


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The Accurate and Detailed Inspection Report

See What You’re Really Getting

Buying a home is a large decision.  Prevent a mistake by discovering all potential issues that could affect your life.  At Holderman Inspection Services, we know how important it is to provide an accurate and detailed inspection report so that you can see exactly what you are buying, and in fact, the true condition of the home.  We enable you to make a satisfying investment confidently.

All inspections include 32 years of contractor experience and knowledge.

Coming Soon:

Small Unmanned Aircraft System Used for Roof Inspections

Holderman Inspection Services will utilize a DRONE,  a remote small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS), for roof inspections.  With these sUAS (or quadcopter), we will be able to inspect roof areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.  No longer will steep, metal, and other types of roofs unable to be inspected.

Controlling our sUAS from the ground, we will take photographs and video from the 4k high-resolution camera mounted on the remote aircraft.  We will use this for the inspection of any infrastructure or property for which an aerial viewpoint would be beneficial.

Holderman Inspection Services is dedicated to providing accurate and thorough information for the home inspection that is performed and is in the process of now acquiring the equipment and certificates required to operate and utilize a drone.

Home Inspection Reports with Advanced Repair/Request Feature

Our detailed and easy to follow home inspection reports will be available within 24 hours of the inspection.  Holderman Inspections will provide you with a HomeGauge personal login which enables you to view your reports and itemize repair lists.  The Create Request List™ feature grants users the ability to not only request repairs and attach it to the report, but to share the information between buyer, seller, and realtor as an aid in the negotiating process.

Why a home inspection?

Home Inspection by Holderman Inspection ServicesA professional home inspection is your best tool when it comes to making the most of your home investment. Whether you are buying or selling, an objective professional inspection will provide you with important information that you can use. If you’re buying, you want to  know that the home you’re considering is safe and sound. You want to avoid unwelcome and costly surprises. If you’re selling your home, you will need to make full disclosure of any and all deficiencies. You’ll want to know what, if any, repairs to make so you can market your home most effectively. Whichever side of the “For Sale” sign you’re on, a quality home inspection is essential.

Before you buy or sell

Kitchen InspectionWhether you are the buyer or the seller, you want answers to these important questions before entering into a transaction.

  1.  Is the home safe to live in?
  2. Is everything operational at the time of the inspection?
  3. Is the home structurally and mechanically functional?
  4. Are there deficiencies or signs of potential failure?
  5. Are components installed in a professional manner?
  6. Should small things be repaired or replaced now to prevent large expenses in the future?

Our professional home inspection will provide you with comprehensive visual evaluations of the interior and exterior of the home. You will receive a detailed, understandable report that you can use to make important decisions.

A professional home inspection benefits everyone

Purchase of Family HomeFOR BUYERS

You want as much information as possible about the home you are considering for purchase, and a comprehensive home inspection offers important protection for your investment. Our inspection evaluates home safety, and structural and mechanical soundness. We look for any risks to your family’s health. We identify potential maintenance issues and help you eliminate unwelcome surprises.


Our home inspection gives you a powerful marketing tool to set your home apart. We point out repairs that you may wish to make before you put your home up for sale. Our evaluation and report provide the information you need to make full disclosure prior to sale. A pre-sale home inspection can be your competitive edge when it comes to offering the buyer greater peace of mind.

Buy or sell your home with confidence. We protect your peace of mind. Call us today.

Buyers and Sellers Benefit from a Quality Home Inspection

Realtors recommend that buyers and sellers obtain professional home inspections for their own protection. Home inspection has become a “must have” for homebuyers and valuable marketing tool for sellers.

Here’s why. An independent home inspector is completely objective.

Buyers want to know that a home is safe, structurally and mechanically sound, and free of health risks. Our home inspector’s visual evaluation will provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the home, its components and systems. In addition to reporting any deficiencies or potential failures, our home inspector will include maintenance tips and other information to help you protect your investment.

For the seller, our home inspector will conduct a comprehensive visual inspection – inside and out. The inspector’s report will identify deficiencies that must be disclosed to potential buyers. It will include recommendations for repairs that may enhance the marketability of your home. A professional home inspection can help you sell your home faster at the highest possible price. A pre-sale inspection is a valuable marketing tool.

Our comprehensive home inspection includes visual evaluation of nearly 400 different items that affect the safety, condition and value of a home.

Exterior and Interior Evaluations

  • Roof, Chimney, Flashing, Valleys
  • Siding, Trim, Windows, StTorms
  • Landscaping, Grading, Drainange
  • Gutters, Downspouts
  • Driveways, Patios, Decks, Porches
  • HVAC Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Windows
  • Structure
  • Attic, Ventilation
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